Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Joys of Boys

So, Davis has been very interested lately in his, ahem, parts - if you get my drift. Not interested in potty training, the little stinker, but very interested in the, well...the plumbing, so to speak.

We haven't actually given him the name of that part, because he is a very verbal two year old and I'm just not ready to have him tell complete strangers about his penis. I'm sorry - I'm just not ready. And if you know my child, you know he will! The only information we have given him is that "the pee pee comes out of there". We're so lame, but that was the best I could come up with the first time he asked!

So, Kevin was giving Davis a bath a few nights ago and the question came up again. According to Kevin, the conversation took a new turn and went something like this:

Davis: What's this?

Kevin: That's where the pee pee comes out. (I'm sure at this point Dad is praying that the conversation will end here! Hehehe!)

Davis: Well, where does it go in?

Kevin: (silence)

That stinker! He found the loophole to our explanation!

Monday, February 2, 2009

How Have You Been?'s it going? I'm sorry I haven't been updating the blog much lately, but I have very good excuses, I mean, reasons for being so absent.

1. I have a job now! I'm teaching 4K at our church 3 days a week now. I have enjoyed the little ones so much and it has become such a fun, creative outlet for me. I am technically the director of the preschool also, but I don't feel like an administrator right now because I'm still learning the ropes. Plus, I'm not working 50 hours a week. Amen, Brooke and Michelle?!

2. My children have been sick. Drew had strep one week and Davis ran a mysterious fever for 3 days the next week. Of course, Kevin is sick with a cold now!

3. We are so boring right now! There is just not much going on with the Flemings. Drew is playing basketball on Saturdays, I'm planning lessons for 4K, Davis is being a typical 2 year old (you know what I mean?), and Kevin is hard at work, as usual. See? I told you - boring! I won a contest! I am jazzed! I love reading the Simple Mom blog and she was having a week of giveaways. I usually don't enter because I am not very lucky, but I did this time and won a Neat Receipt scanner. Very cool!

From what I understand, you scan your receipts and keep "paperless" records. I'll let you know how it works when it arrives in the mail!

So, how have you been? I hope your life is more exciting than mine lately!