Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Capture Eden

This past summer we found a really great photographer here in Asheville. The pictures turned out to be so much more than we could have imagined (I literally cried when she showed us the pictures for the first time). We had the boys photographed at the Botanical Gardens at UNC Asheville. It was a crazy, busy day, but Miss Michelle was there to help and the boys couldn't stop smiling at her!

Anyway, I know that was a LONG time ago. But, this morning I was checking out her updated website - - and a few pictures of my handsome boys made the site!! Davis is in her Gallery with the "Discovery" group of pictures and Drew is on the Info page. So cool!

I also wanted to share a few pictures that Kevin and I took at Falls Park in Greenville this past weekend (definitely not as impressive as the Capture Eden photographs, but we're learning!). We had a really nice walk on Sunday morning experimenting with our new camera.

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