Saturday, January 12, 2008

He'll Always Remember This Day

Drew had a big day today. This morning, we met his new guitar teacher. Her name is Anne (she's the arm holding up the guitar in the picture above) and she is completely understanding of how excited and impatient Drew is about learning to play the guitar. He wants to know everything NOW!!

Then, in the afternoon, we visited Musician's Workshop and picked out a Baby Taylor. I have to admit that his new "baby" is beautiful (it's the one in the second picture). He sat down and strummed on a few and picked out his first guitar - a pretty momentous occasion according to the other customers in the shop. Everyone was congratulating Drew and telling him that he would always remember this day. I, of course, started tearing up. He's in his room right now playing his new guitar and, by some miracle, is not watching TV. I love that guitar already.

So, who knows what will come of guitar lessons? If Drew gets his wish, he'll be playing in a band very soon. He tells us that, along with a few of his friends, I'll be his best groupie, Kevin will be his manager, Davis will be playing piano, Miss Brooke will be his sound engineer, Walt will be another groupie, and Neil will be his agent. Drew is looking for fortune and fame at 7 years old, but it's my hope that he learns to play an instrument that brings him much happiness through the years.

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