Sunday, March 2, 2008

Soccer Mom

Yes, that's right! As of Drew's first practice on Tuesday, I am officially a soccer mom for the next 8 weeks. Drew, of course, is really excited to be playing. For now. I'm not sure he understands how much running is involved with soccer. He is also excited that he has new cleats, shin guards, and tall socks.

He was showing Davis how it all works when we came home from the soccer shop. I probably paid way more than I needed to at a specialty shop, but the owner helped us and told this clueless mom everything I needed (and didn't) for this season. I told him that I missed the old Umbro outlet at Stone Manufacturing in Greenville. Gone are the days of $3 shorts. I could use some of those right now!

Drew's first game is on Saturday, March 8th. We would love for him to have some fans this season. Email me or leave a comment on the blog and I'll send you some directions. He plays on Saturdays at 4:30 for the next 8 weeks (with a few exceptions during Spring Break).

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