Thursday, April 3, 2008

Countdown to Disney!

Anyone that knows us, knows that we LOVE Disney World! We have had a really busy couple of years (a baby, a Master's Degree, a new job, a move, etc...), so we are thrilled to be going back to the happiest/most crowded place on earth this Summer and taking Davis for his first encounter with "The Mouse". Drew (um....Mom) is so anxious that we decided to make our own "Countdown to Disney" chain of links. This morning, we took off the first link - only 63 more days to go!

And...have you noticed something is different? I found a really great blog designer that gave me a "blogover"! Her name is Rebecca - you can click on her link in my new, handy dandy side bar to see examples of her work. She is redesigning blogs as a way to raise funds for her international adoption - her son will be coming home from China very soon.


Tish said...

great blog! looks awesome! wish i was going to disney!

Melissa said...

Disney World here we come! We can't wait! I love the new blog design!

Brooke said...

i don't think it's fair that i'm not going!