Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Drew's Field Trip to Emerald Village

Drew's last field trip in first grade (makes me so sad, by the way, that first grade is almost over) was to Emerald Village. He has been so interested in rocks and minerals ever since his class began studying them, that Kevin and I both planned to go with him. Davis came along for the ride, also. Drew was so excited about rocks when we got there that he and his friends immediately began analyzing the gravel in the parking lot! I had to have them empty their pockets every 5 minutes to get rid of all of their parking lot "treasures". Emerald Village used to be a working mine, but now it's a museum. The kids had a great time - especially when they got to "pan for gold". Drew kept telling me that his gems were worth MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

Looking for the million dollar gems...

Davis loved the water - could have cared less about gems!

Drew and friends looking into the mine.
Still my baby -even when he's a second grader!
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Brooke said...

This year I'm having the afterschoolers look for gems! Diamond Del's is coming to the center. Hannah is soo excited. Drew should come on that day!!