Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy Eights!

I married my best friend ten years ago today. Kevin is truly my soul mate, as corny as that may sound. We are perfectly matched. We are blessed.

But, that's all the mush that you are going to get out of me today! Yep. This post is practically mush-free! I thought it would be WAY more fun to celebrate by pulling out all of our embarrassing pictures and show them to you! Because, even though TEN YEARS is a big deal, we actually have been a couple (Kevin and Stephanie sittin' in a tree...) since our Junior year of high school. FIFTEEN YEARS! So, you know there are some really bad pictures of us floating around!

So, without further ado, may I present...

Kevin and Stephanie:
Through the Years

Pretending to pin on Kevin's boutonniere (thank you very much, spell check) before our Senior Prom. Mom actually had to pin it on!

All of these pictures are in black and white except for this one. I thought you deserved to see my bling-bling dress in full color! I couldn't find a picture of us at the prom as Juniors in high school - that dress was even better! Just picture really short and lots of sequined fish. I thought I was so cute...

Eating seafood on our honeymoon. Just to warn you, all of the pictures from our honeymoon were taken at restaurants, so it looks like all we did was eat. But, really, the only people I would ask to take our picture were waiters!

At the Luau at Disney World in 2002.
One of very few pictures of the two of us after Drew was born.

Eating on our honeymoon again.

High School Graduation.
Did you know that my smarty-pants of a husband was our class Valedictorian? Awesome speech, honey!

Kevin's graduation from Clemson.
My hair was especially poofy and proud that day!

Kevin graduates with his MBA in 2006.
I promise I went to college and graduated, too!

Snuggling. This was our first Christmas as newlyweds.

On Choir Tour with church in 1994. I think this was in Maine or Rhode Island.
Kevin would know. He remembers everything! That's why I married him 4 years later.

Eating again on our honeymoon..

Hilton Head.
This trip was before we were married. I remember because Kevin's Mom and Dad let us tag along on their beach trip and my future Mother-in-Law got the pleasure of sharing a bed with her snoring, thrashing future daughter-in-law. She must not have warned Kevin (thank you, Jan!) because in 10 years of marriage he's never slept on the couch!

More eating on our honeymoon...

At my baby shower at Chandler Creek Elementary School.
Kevin had just flown in from New York when he was on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" Another fun fact about my husband (sorry, there are no fun facts about me - I married well!) is that he loves trivia and it paid off for him about a month before Drew was born. He won $64,000 and got to meet Regis!

Declarations of love in the sand. I love the beach!

Signing yearbooks in high school.
I just want to point out that Kevin is wearing a gold chain! Hehehe! And that the shirt that I am wearing came with shoulder pads.

Snuggling as newlyweds again.
We still snuggle but it embarrasses Drew so he won't agree to take our picture, so there are no recent snuggling photos.

Posing with Minnie Mouse.
Have I mentioned we like to go to Disney World?

Happy new parents.
In recovery after Drew was born. Boy, that kid was hard work!

We had only been parents for 2 months here. The bags under our eyes aren't too bad!

At my future brother-in-law's college graduation.
Kevin and I were freshmen in college and we were still skinny. Good times...

Me and Santa in 2000.

Disney again. This time in 2002.

Proud parents of our curly-headed boy.

At Davis' first birthday party in 2007.

Christmas 2005

With our boys.

Love our family. Love my husband. Love my life. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - We are blessed! Happy Anniversay, honey!


Brooke said...

best post ever. my vote is the prom pic with the "sparkles"

Melissa said...

So funny! I love the blog! Happy Anniversary! Your children were angels while you were gone! Well, I'm not sure if I can say Davis and Hayden played like angels... But they were so much fun!( Drew really was an angel) Such a great big brother and cousin!

Melanie said...

Those pictures are wonderful. You truly are blessed!

And don't worry...I remember the days of cutting out shoulder pads. At least WE cut them out.

Lesley said...

I love looking at all these pics from your past! Highschool sweet hearts!