Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be Our Guest!

We keep begging people to come and stay with us and, finally, Brooke and Hannah and Michelle got tired of our whining! Yeah! We had 3 of our favorite people to come and test drive the guest room this past weekend!

I am sorry to say that they came at night and got lost...cause we live in the country now! And we didn't have much planned for them to do. We really need to find more fun stuff for people to do when they come to visit. Anyway, we slept as late as the children and Miss Michelle would let us! Then, we ate a really yummy lunch and Davis went down for a nap and we all sat around and talked while Drew and Hannah played. Not all that exciting, but REALLY good company!

Thanks for coming to see us! We love you guys!

My friends.

Hannah and her Mom

Hannah and Drew

Drew and his Michelle


Brooke said...

aww, you know our favorite thing to do is chill! btw, what is my daughter doing in that picture with me. What kind of smile is that?

Melanie said...

I'm very jealous...but I get Brooke in September! :P

What happened to Michelle's hair. I love it, but it shocked me at first!