Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gooooooo Tigers!

We're headed to Atlanta for the Clemson/Alabama game on Saturday! Kevin and I graduated from Clemson in 1998 and we haven't been able to get back to a football game yet.

Daddy and Our Future Tiger @ Kevin's MBA graduation in 2006

Some of our favorite memories of childhood were at Clemson games with our families. Then, in college when we worked ALL THE TIME and we didn't join sororities or fraternities, the football games that we got to attend made us feel like real college students for a little while! We love Clemson football for the excitement. Don't get me wrong, we've been disappointed plenty of times with the outcome of games, but this weekend, we'll be happy no matter what. It will be great to spend time with friends (even if they are Alabama fans!) and have a little grown up time!

Also, I am picking up my camera, so I'll have lots of pictures on Monday! Have a great weekend!


Melanie said...

You guys have fun! Go Wildcats...oops...I mean Go Tigers! :)

Thanks for the comment about the spray paint! I found a great website of a way to make the chandelier "antiqued". The lady clumped wet sand all over the first layer of paint...interesting idea. I'll try to remember to send it to you. I'm sure that I will post pics, if I ever get around to doing this! Thanks for the info!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Well I hope you had a fun time! We had fabulous weather yesterday!