Monday, December 15, 2008

Visit With Santa

On Sunday, we went to the Biltmore Estate to visit with Santa. Drew had prepared his letter for Santa very carefully and, like the good big brother he is, helped make a list for Davis.

We had been looking forward to this day for weeks - we had set aside this day for the boys. We had really talked up Santa to Davis and we expected him to love seeing the "Big Man". But, little did we know, that Davis would decide that Sunday would be the day that he would become, well, evil. Really. He was evil - as hard as I try, I just can't think of another word to describe it. And he screamed about seeing Santa. Not because he was scared, but just because he wanted to scream.

So, while Drew did this...

Davis did this...

Good times. And the icing on the cake was, that as we were leaving, he kept saying how he wanted to see Santa. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

After Drew met Santa, Davis was a little happier and I was determined to get a picture of the boys together. They are so hard to photograph together! Our Christmas card picture was nearly impossible to get this year! They are never both looking at the camera. Drew makes weird, "I'm trying to be cool" faces and Davis {sigh} just never cooperates. If anyone has any tricks for taking photos of 2 (or more) children, please let me know. Here is our attempt on Sunday...

Take One

Take Two

Take Three

Take Four

Take Five

Take Six

Take Seven

Take Eight

Take Nine

And Mom gives up...


Michelle said...

I like take nine!

I'm having the same problems...and to add to it, I decided to do my own photos this year and my camera (1 yr old) is bugging out on me...

I feel your pain of wanting them to both look at you, but the best ones are the take nine ones☺

Good Luck...I'm at it again tonight!

Brooke said...


poor davis.

or poor steph & kevin!

Blissful Babe said...

I dunno, take 9 is pretty great!

Melanie said...

Welcome to my world!