Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Ella

I have a new niece and my sister, Melissa and her husband, Walter have a beautiful daughter! That's right, folks - there is an actual baby girl in our family now!! She is precious and round and pink and I love her!

I am pleased to introduce to you (drumroll, please) ...Baby Ella!

I'm thinking she favors her Aunt Stephanie. Maybe?
Oh, all right. She looks like her mommy(who incidentally looks a lot like me - I'm just sayin').

Check out the look of adoration my niece is giving me!
Don't laugh, she's very advanced for her age (which is 12 hours old right now!).

Sweet! Here's the happy Mommy and her baby girl!

Hayden (the big brother) is giving Ella her first doll!

Nana is holding Hayden while he is checking out his new sister.
Shortly after this picture was taken, Ella began to cry. Without missing a beat, Hayden leaned in to ask, "You need a paci?".

The proud big brother!

Sleep tight, Baby Ella!
Aunt Stephanie will be back tomorrow with her camera!


Brooke said...

love love love all of these pics! Congrats Aunt Stephanie!

P.S. Come by Graduation if you're in the mood for more happy tears!

Melanie said...

You must have strong "female" genes on your side too. All of the Lauren looks just like me. I look just like my mom. My mom looks just like my grandmom, and so on!

What a beautiful baby girl.

Melanie said...

"All of the Lauren..."

Nice proof-reading Mel!


Michelle said...

thats one pretty little girl...congrats late...I'm having trouble keeping caught up on my blog reading...Have a great summer!