Monday, June 29, 2009

Davis and Daisy

Davis has a new favorite toy. We were wondering when it would happen. Drew loved his Thomas trains and we saved them all, convinced that Davis would someday thank us. And now, that day has come. Davis is obsessed, to put it mildly. Our train table is a trundle table that technically fits under a bed. But, for us, it just sits downstairs and Davis loves it because it can sit on top of it to play with his train friends.

All of the Thomas trains have names - Percy, James, Edward, Emily, etc. But, today, I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to my favorite train. Her name is Daisy and she is my hero.

Several weeks ago, when we had just gotten back from our trip to Nashville, Kevin took an extra day off to spend with us. He was going to help me run errands, clean my classroom, and just hang out. But instead, we spent the day in the ER with Davis and a gaping hole on his cheek. Our first stitches. It was a traumatizing day, but Daisy was there the entire time. He never let her go - not during the exam or the stitches. Davis was a brave boy and we were so proud of him. And we have made him promise - he will never trip and fall again. Ever.

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