Monday, June 28, 2010

There Is No Way I Could Catch Up... I won't even try! I thought I would post some photos of the past 6 months, in no particular order, and then I'm going to really try and post weekly. This is our family scrapbook, so I guess that it shows that our family has had a busy 6 months!

One of my favorite shots from Christmas. Davis, Drew, and Hayden love trains and they had such a great time playing with Hayden's train around the Christmas tree.

We hate snow now. I'm sorry. We just hate snow now.

Drew had a great time playing basketball again this year. And, Kevin had a great time coaching! This is not a great picture - I haven't figured out how to take a good action shot in a gym!

Davis took a spill and had to have his two front teeth pulled. He did great with the dental surgery and he looks cute as a button!

We had the best time at my cousin Robert's wedding in April. It was lakeside and it was a beautiful day. A perfect opportunity to have a picture with the girls. Just as an aside, I am holding the most precious baby girl in the whole world.

My sweet boys are growing up way too fast! We were celebrating my birthday at the Biltmore Estate, so they were obligated to pose for pictures for Mom!

We spent our Spring Break on our first Disney Cruise! I can't even begin to describe how much fun we had. We had been stuck inside all winter with snow and yucky weather, so we loved the sun!

We loved the beautiful beach at Castaway Cay.

Drew and Kevin at dinner on the cruise. The food was delicious!

There was so much more to the past 6 months. Davis just graduated from 3K and Drew finished 3rd grade and had such a great year and a fabulous teacher. Kevin and I visited Philadelphia. My grandmother turned 89! My niece, Ella, turned one! Davis started going to the bathroom by himself! And the list goes on...

I promise to do better with keeping up our family scrapbook!


Michelle said...

enjoyed looking at your pictures. I've had a hard time keeping up too and it feels terrible when you get behind because you don't want to leave anything out. Picture post with little snip its is a good idea!

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