Monday, November 12, 2007

Drewy Poo

As just more proof that my baby boy is growing up so fast, here is a snip-it from a conversation that Kevin and I had with Drew yesterday...

Mom: But aren't you going to stay with me forever?

Drew: What about dating, Mom?

Dad: Why are you worried about dating Drew? Do you have a girlfriend?

Drew: I don't want to tell you.

Mom and Dad: Well, now you have to..

Drew: There are two.

Mom: TWO girlfriends?! (small fainting spell) What are their names? Are they in your class? Do they do drugs? Who do they hang out with? What are their parents like? Do they go to church?

Drew: MOM!!!

Dad: Tell us about them, Drew.

Drew: is nice and I like her. The other one just thinks she's my girlfriend. I don't like the name that she calls me.

Mom: I wouldn't be her girlfriend either if she was calling me bad names.

Drew: It's not a bad name, it's an icky name. It's so embarrassing!

Mom and Dad: Now you have to tell us...

Drew: (after much bribing) She calls me DREWY POO. I hate it.

Mom and Dad: (crying so hard that we can't respond)

Drew: I knew I shouldn't have told you!

If you ever wonder why I love my family so much, this is one of the reasons! We have so much fun together! Also, Drew received a cookie at the mall in exchange for his confession. He has also begged several times for us to stop calling him Drewy Poo. I've stopped, but I've started to try and teach Davis how to say it!!

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