Friday, May 2, 2008

The Windy City

Kevin and I just got back from Chicago earlier in the week. I got to tag along on a work trip, but it was ok because we stayed on Michigan Avenue - lots of shopping for Stephanie last week!

We did have a little time to do some "touristy" things, too. Kevin took me to the Art Institute of Chicago which was so exciting for me! I realized, as we were walking in, that I had never been to a museum - unless you count the art museum in Greenville (and I don't). I loved being so close to such famous paintings. I have to admit, though, that modern art still throws me a little. We even had the nerdy headphone things that tell you about the style, period and other interesting facts about the paintings and sculptures, but I still couldn't see the meaning behind some of those contemporary pieces.

We also got to see "Wicked", which is a wonderful Broadway musical. It was so uplifting and sweet! We took a pretty scary cab ride afterwards, though - think dark alleys and a rainy night while the song "Obsession" is blaring on the radio. Really, really creepy. When we got back to the hotel, I bolted from the cab while Kevin threw money at the driver and ran. Kevin didn't wait on change and said that the driver deserved the large tip for letting us live! It's the little things that count in customer service...

Anyway, we had a wonderful time away, but we were also glad to be home to our boys.

Here are a few pictures from our trip...

A dragon from the Chinese exhibit

One of my favorite paintings - sorry I don't remember the artist!

The view from our hotel room window

Kevin and a view from the top of the John Hancock building


Brooke said...

totally awesome pictures! Looks amazing! I would've loved to have seen all of the art! Was the ballerina statue there?

Stephanie said...

The statue wasn't there, but I spent 10 minutes trying to take a picture of the ballerina painting by Degas (sp?) for Hannah, but it wouldn't work! You could take pictures, but couldn't use flash and there wasn't enough light in the hallway where it was hanging!

Brooke said...

of course there wasn't! nazi's

Katherine said...

Hey Stephanie! Tommy and I took our first "alone" trip to Chicago last August and we loved it too! Such a beautiful place!