Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Disney 2008

We're back from our vacation! We have been planning this trip for so long and it certainly was worth the wait. We spent 9 days at Disney riding monorails and roller coasters (way to go, Drew!), meeting all of our favorite characters (no princesses, though, apparently they are "for girls"), swimming, and just having a wonderful time being together. I think I took about a thousand pictures this past week at Disney World. Really. I think I was obsessed with catching every moment.

I can't even begin to describe how special our family vacation was, so I'll just post as many pictures as Blogger will let me upload...or is it download?...I can't ever remember! Enjoy!

My sweet little family

Not the best picture, but proof that Nana and Papa are their first choice... always!

A sand person (I think - I always get Star Wars characters wrong) and Drew.

Meeting the Mouse.

Minnie and my boys.

It's really hilarious if you try and steal your Dad's hat - especially if you do it over and over!

Our friends, Pooh and Eeyore.

Riding in the front of the monorail!

This ride looks tame, but it spins you around and around and around...

Me and my boys.

Riding "It's a Small World" with my Drew.

Walt, Melissa, and Hayden posing in the lobby of our hotel.

Loving the goggles. And the effect they have on the ears!

Kevin's awesome safari shot.

Drew and Rafiki.

Lovin' on Timon.

Never both looking at the camera!

Aren't they cute?

And they are, too!

Nana and Davis snuggling.

Walking on the beach.

Daddy is so silly!

But I don't want to wear a lei!

Drew's best pirate face.

Making sure the little ones can see the fish (which were all "Nemo", by the way)!

Sort of both looking at the camera.

Trying out Dad's milkshake.

Hmmm...Coke sounds good, too.

One last pose before the flight home.

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Brooke said...

Those are all SO GREAT! Hayden is getting so big!