Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I am one lucky girl. I am Tony's daughter.

My Daddy (yes "Daddy", not "Dad") is truly my hero. I can think of a thousand words that I could use to describe why my Daddy is so special to me - he's funny, loyal, giving, thoughtful, unselfish - the list could go on and on. But, I think the most special thing about my Daddy is how he loves. He loves me unconditionally and he makes sure I know how much I am loved - and he always has. I hope today, on Father's Day, that he knows how much he is loved and cherished. Also, my Daddy made sure that I knew that he liked me, too. He told me what a great kid I was and that he enjoyed being around me.

So, Daddy, I think you are great, too, and I love spending time with you! I think you're even more fun now that I'm grown!

Papa Tony and his biggest fans.

My children are lucky, too. They are Kevin's sons.

Drew and Davis have a dad who jumped into parenthood head first. He changed the first diaper (when he had never changed one before) and then, he was there for every first that followed (and he'll be there for all the firsts to come). He is patient and understanding with his boys. They adore him. He talks with them like they are little people, not children. They love his sense of humor and how silly he can be with them. He tells Drew and Davis how much they are loved everyday. Kevin shows his boys, through his example, how hard work and persistence and faith pay off.

Kevin, you are a wonderful father! Thank you for being my "partner in parenting"!


Brooke said...

how sweet! (was there supposed to be a picture of kevin & the boys?)

Stephanie said...

It was missing 2 pictures! Hope I've got it fixed now!

Brooke said...

all better now.