Sunday, June 1, 2008

Field Day

Here are some highlights from Field Day last week. Drew had a great time and we really loved the weather - a little overcast and about 70 degrees - gotta love living in the mountains! Davis even stuck it out in his stroller - I actually got to watch Drew and didn't have to chase the Littlest Fleming the entire time!

We have enjoyed Drew's new school so much this year! He only has 4 more days of first grade and they should be really great days - he'll have water play day, sports day, and game day this week. Sounds like a fun way to end a terrific year of first grade!

Shooting some hoops.

Peace, Mom!

I know I'm biased, but really, is there anything sweeter than this face?

Taking some time out for the little guy.

The monkey bars - we've almost mastered them!

Having a blast at field day!

Action shot!

The weirdest field day event ever - finding marbles with your toes...
in a kiddie pool of flour!
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