Thursday, June 5, 2008

How Do You Say Thank You Enough?

When we moved to Asheville last year, my biggest concern was how Drew would adjust to a new school and new friends. I was so worried about how the move would effect him - academically and emotionally. As it turns out, that should have been the least of my worries. Drew has LOVED going to Hominy Valley Elementary this year and I wanted to introduce you to the two biggest reasons for that.

I believe that God puts people in your life for a reason. And He gave Mrs. Teague and Mrs. Bratsch to Drew (and to us) this year. They welcomed Drew (and us) with open arms into their classroom this year - and we needed that, because we were new to the area and nervous about every new experience. They are funny and relaxed (two things that I never was as a teacher!) and professional and kind. They have watched out for Drew this year when I worried. They are moms and they understand. They do a really great job teasing Kevin when I send him in with boxes of stuff to deliver in the mornings. They have challenged Drew to do better and be a better kid. What more can you ask for in a teacher? Also, they make really great oobleck!

So, we hope they have a relaxing summer with their own children (because that's one of the reasons to become a teacher, right?!) and we can't wait to see them in the fall. Well, we hope we see them before then, but I've already promised them that we wouldn't be stalkers! If we see them before then, it would be a total coincidence!

Thank you, Mrs. Teague!

Thank you, Mrs. Bratsch!

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