Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Last Saturday was a birthday celebration at the Fleming house! We had such a wonderful time celebrating Mom, Melissa, Neil, and Davis. Well...there was a lot of Davis celebrating, actually. You'll see the evidence in the pictures. So, it's official - my child is rotten.

Davis had a blast in his new kiddie pool and he loved playing in the sand and water table with Hayden, Carleigh ("Yah-yee", in Davis-speak), Sadie, and Drew. Kevin grilled some awesome hamburgers and hot dogs, and I just had so much fun hanging out with everyone!

Davis' favorite part of the party was (no surprise here) the presents! I knew ahead of time what Melissa had gotten him and I was so excited! Melissa's favorite toy as a little girl was her "Cozy Coupe". She loved that thing! Some of my most vivid memories of Melissa when she was little involves that Cozy Coupe! So, it was perfect that she got Davis his very own car - actually, his is a little fancier than Melissa's model. Davis has a Cozy Coupe firetruck! He has been having so much fun with all of his new presents this week!

Here are some party highlights...

Our Birthday Boy!

Cousins in the Kiddie Pool

A boy and his firetruck.

Happy Birthday Everyone!
(Although Davis chose the cake - told you he was spoiled!)

Blowing out candles for everyone!

Nemo cake is delicious!

A boy and his scooter.
(Not as cool as a firetruck, apparently.)

So funny. He really loved "reading" his cards!

Hooray for Birthdays!

The firetruck was so popular that the kids got really resourceful and sneaky to get a turn! I actually got pictures of one attempt! We laughed so hard about how smart 2 year olds can be when they really want something!

"Hi! So...I've got this really cool tractor if you want to trade!"

"You're getting out?! You must want to trade! You are so generous!"

"I'll just put my arm right here to help you get out. Really. I'm just helping."

"Thanks so much for sharing!"


Brooke said...

um...his birthday is NOT YET!

Stephanie said...

You've known us long enough to know that we celebrate whenever we get the chance! Just kidding! I'll be out of town the weekend before his birthday, so we decided at the last minute to include Davis -it was originally supposed to be all about Mom and Melissa - snd we just shoved them right out of the way! Hehe!

Brooke said...

welllll..... it's never about parents anyway! i tried to call last weekend to ask a "designer" question. of course, i'll have to send pictures, but i need your opinion on something. i've taken on the challenge of painting the other bedroom with hopes of moving hannah into a more "grown up" room. has to do with that. and i lost my camera so i'll have to find it first anyway OR use my cellphone!