Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Have Flowers!

I am no gardener, but I plan to learn. Really. I will learn. But, for now I get to enjoy what was already planted...and pretend I had something to do with it! I love black-eyed susans and I was so excited to discover that I had some in my front yard (confession: I was not 100% sure of what they were until they started to bloom!).

I have always loved the pictures of children wearing white and posing so sweetly in front of the beautiful yellow and black flowers. In a perfect world, I would have dressed my children and taken their picture early in the morning when the light is perfect. But, you and I both know that sometimes you have to take what you can get! :) So, we snapped a few pictures at about 8:00 a few nights ago in our very best play clothes.

Drew did a great job posing for Mom - I have trained him well! But, Davis. Sweet Davis. Precious Davis. Davis of the "I Never Stop Moving Tribe". We did the best we could. Kevin finally caught him "sniffing" the flowers as we were on our way inside! I really do love those pictures - the candid ones - the best anyway, but really, couldn't he give his Mom a "Cheeeeeze" every once in a while like all the other 2 year olds?!


Brooke said...

how cute! and drew without teeth!

Stephanie said...

I know! It's hard getting used to seeing him without them! Have you found your camera? I've been waiting to see pictures of your decorating!


At Home Redesigns said...

Beautiful flowers. I've enjoyed checking out your blog.


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