Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spa Saturday

I know it may sound silly to get excited about spa products, but I was jazzed when Arbonne introduced Sea Source, our new line of spa products earlier this year. Really, really jazzed! This may sound crazy to some of you, but I do not love going to the spa. I'm always by myself when I go and it's just not that relaxing to me. I worry about EVERYTHING - where I put my clothes, how gross my feet look, how much to tip...

I know it sounds goofy (and I realize that now that I'm typing this all down), but that's just me, I guess. Now, you may understand a little better why I was so excited about Sea Source. You can have a spa day AT HOME!!! Hooray for not having to tip!

Here are two of my favorites - the Rescue Wash and the Re-Mineralizing Lotion.

Plus, as I have begun to learn more and more about our products lately, I have realized that these products are not just a luxury. These products were created to detox and re-mineralize. And when I say detox - I mean DETOX! If you would like, you can email me and I will tell you a really gross story about a detox bubble bath that I had not long ago. Let's just say, it wasn't pretty!

I also have to share that I visited a dermatologist recently and he told me that there was nothing that I could do about the PK (little red, raised bumps) on the backs of my arms. "This is as good as it gets," he said. Well, obviously he does not know how vain I am! I was determined to make it better and I have used the Sea Source products religiously and, I am happy to say, he was wrong. HA! I love proving doctors wrong!

I would love to host a spa party at my home (or yours!). Let me know if you are interested! Arbonne hostesses earn LOTS of free stuff - you could earn the entire Sea Source line of products!

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You can shop from there or visit the Arbonne website to learn more about Sea Source!

Hope you have a great weekend! I have a lot of home projects that I can't wait to show you next week!

See you soon!


Brooke said...

Did I ever tell you that Hannah has those bumps on her arms and I always tell her that she's your twin! She's like "wow! Mrs. Stephanie has those too!?" I know what you're thinking...but SHE thinks it's REALLY cool!

Maybe I should get some of that!

chelle said...

I'm the same way about Spas...just like the comfort and cleanness of my own home...I'll look into these products...thanks:)

Sarah Mae said...

How long have you been Arbonne? I hope your business goes well for you! I used to sell MK, so I give you major props for what you do - it takes a lot of self-motivation!