Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you want to take a survey?

Have you had about enough of campaign phone calls? The recordings are driving me crazy! Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy even called me the other day. So now, when I answer the phone and it's a recording, I yell into the phone, "I've already voted!" just because it makes me feel better! And it's not rude to yell at a recording!

So, today when I answered the phone, I was fully expecting to find out why I should vote for so-and-so and getting jazzed because I would get to yell (I'm telling you, it's a great stress reliever!), but instead I was asked to take a survey by a real live person. A short survey, I was promised. Boy, she didn't realize just how short her survey would be!

Her question to me: How many times have you been to a movie theater to see a film in the past two months?

My response: Bwahahahahahaha! Hehehehehehe! Hahahahahaha! Um...none.

Her response: Oh. Ok. Thank you for your time. Click.

So, I didn't get to yell, but I sure did get a good laugh! God bless the telemarketer lady today cause I'm still grinning 30 minutes later!

P.S. If by some chance I get to see a movie in the near future, what should I see? Seen any good movies lately?


Melanie said...

I'm usually in the same boat as you. Rick and I would go see a movie every six months or so. But now...I have become the leader of a cult...well an obsession...okay, a cult! TWILIGHT! A group of us ladies get together every month or so to see a chick flick. So far we've seen Sex and the City, Momma Mia, and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. The men must babysit. That is true, however, I believe that they are truly grateful to not have to sit through the girly movies. Now...back to Twilight...where to begin?! READ THE BOOK! I have made three friends read it, and they are all as obsessed as me now. It's wonderful, and the movie comes out later this month. We are actually seeing it twice on Saturday, Nov. 22nd. Yes...twice! Anyway, GO SEE TWILIGHT, after you read the book. There! I'm off my soapbox now. Great post!

Michelle said...

I'm tired of all the calls too...this was a good one:)