Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching Up

Well, "eventful" doesn't even begin to describe our life lately! It's been a whirlwind, so I wanted to catch you up in one HUGE blog post.

Starting with Drew's 8th birthday party. It was WILD with children in costumes running all over the house -and that was before I gave them any sugar! I haven't included many pictures because of other children, but I do want to show Drew blowing out his candles from his party - he was Harry Potter this year (without the glasses in this picture).

I also wanted to show my fun afternoon with the boys on Drew's actual birthday. After I picked him up from school, Drew wanted to "jump" at the mall. Our mall has a trampoline-bungee-thing (can you tell I have no idea what to call it?) and so Davis and I watched Drew jump, we had soft pretzels for our snack and they both made bears at Build-a-Bear. Drew wanted to dress his bear in a Navy dress uniform - he's so proud of our cousin, Blake who is in the Navy! Very cute! Then, we picked up Dad from work and went to Fun Depot (no pictures - dead camera battery!) and played and played and played. It was a great weekend!

Oh, and Drew got the all important "bike with no training wheels" that weekend, too! He bought it and lots of cool bike gear with his birthday cash! I think he enjoys shopping as much as I do sometimes! He has also been having a blast making some of his Lego toys that he received! Good grief, he's rotten!

Then, after the birthday whirlwind was over, the Halloween whirlwind began. It was quite the week!

I had a great time volunteering in Davis' preschool class on the day of their Fall Festival! He was great and actually agreed to wear his penguin costume - something he would NOT do at his brother's birthday party! They made pumpkin pancakes and had a costume parade - it was the best!

Then, on Halloween night, the grandparents came to town and we had potato soup and mummy dogs and we had a blast trick or treating! Drew is a pro already, but Davis really got the hang of it by the end of the night! That child will eat some candy! We knew he loved his "Dem-a-dems" (Davis-speak for M&Ms!), but he kept asking for peanuts! I knew we didn't have any peanuts in the house - I couldn't figure out what he meant. Then, he brought me a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup! That's my kind of peanuts!

Then, the next day, the cousins arrived! I don't know if I've ever mentioned it on the blog before, but Kevin's brother's children are really close in age to our children. They'll realize one day how lucky they are! Amber and Drew were born about 8 weeks apart and Jackson and Davis are 5 weeks apart! We couldn't have planned it better if we had tried!

We had a wonderful time hanging out and playing over the weekend! I am sorry to say that I didn't get even one picture of the grown-ups, though.

Then, on Tuesday, our week came to a screeching halt. No one has ever told me that kidney infections are that painful! So, I've been out of commission for a week, which has been no fun. But, thanks to my mom and Kevin, we made it through and are looking forward to everything getting back to normal - right before the holidays begin! Ha! Never a dull moment!


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Wow...you have been busy...Glad you are feeling better.

Great pictures!