Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little More Halloween...

We're having a great time getting ready for Drew's 8th birthday. He is having a costume party at our house! We are so excited about having room to invite family and friends over for his big day. Drew and I have been planning for this day for some time. He has helped me shop the after Halloween sales for several years in preparation for the day when we have a big enough space for everyone. And we are so excited that the time has come!

I am trying my best to focus on invitations, cake, decorations, and treat bags so that I will forget that he is turning 8 and that he only barely fits in my lap now. Because that would make me sad and I might just tear up a little. Kind of like I'm doing right now.

I thought I would share some more of our decorations - nothing too original, but fun nonetheless! And a lot of stolen ideas! If I can remember where I found the idea, I'll be sure to give a link.

You may remember my Spray Paint Addiction? Well, this is how we used one of our black urns. We borrowed an idea from Susie at Bienvenue and made a not-so-spooky Halloween tree. We spray painted (again!) the branches black and added some ribbon and our friend, the crow (Drew named him "Freedom" - still not sure why!). The glitter pumpkins were inspired by Martha, of course!

Here's our other urn holding one of our glitter pumpkins.

This is definitely our weirdest Halloween decoration - the finger candle. Drew saw these several Halloweens ago on the clearance table and we bought them. But, ewwwww...! When we got them out this year, we realized that they are much less creepy in the package than in a candlestick!

I covered some napkin rings in cheese cloth and added googly eyes for our mummy napkin rings. I got this idea from Matthew Mead's Halloween magazine.

This project was never intended to be for Halloween, but it was a craft project that went wrong, so it became part of Halloween. I was attempting to make a variation of Martha's monogram wreath, but mine turned out looking spooky. So, we spray painted it black and hung it up! Now, hopefully, it looks like it was supposed to be spooky!

We made a fun Halloween banner after I saw this project. It was made from painted newspaper!

I've had such a good time making our home just a little spookier for Drew's big day! I'll be back with photos soon!


Brooke said...

I can't wait to see it in person!

AndreaLeigh said...

Cute stuff! It sets the mood perfectly. I love the glitter pumpkins especially.

Michelle said...

Awe...happy b-day to your big baby:)

Love the decorations...that finger candle is cool...never seen that one.

Katherine said...

Hey Stephanie! I actually made your wreath. It looked so cute with all of the fall ribbon. I wanted to post a picture but I gave one to my secret pal, so I couldn't. I love all of your ideas- keep sharing! Miss you!

Christian said...

I love the "craft project gone wrong"...it is perfect for halloween! Usually mine aren't even salvageable!