Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soccer Boy

Davis is our newest soccer star! He loves the clothes and he loves kicking the ball around at practice. He is not so in love with doing what his coach wants him to do, but he'll come around. He is having a terrific time and we got the funniest start to our weekend in a long time.

Here's our little star showing off his new jersey after practice.

Lining up to "warm up" before the game. These little ones are tiny!

Getting a little coaching.

This is about the extent of Davis' play today. Sitting down. Checking the shoes.
The ball? We use a ball in soccer?

Wait! Stop the presses! Nana and Papa are on the sidelines! My team can survive a few seconds without me!

Look how cute I am when I'm not contributing to my team, Nana!

Man! They are making me play again!
Should I be concerned that my team is nowhere to be found?

Cool! This is more interesting than chasing a ball!

And Mom is taking my picture again!
Well, let's give her something to work with!

How do you like my precious face?

This is my "peek-a-boo" look.

Did you get enough shots, Mom?

Ok, ok. I'll kick the ball. But, just this once.

Is it over yet?

This is bor-ing!

This would have been a complete waste of a Saturday, but I got look really cool in my soccer clothes and I got some snuggles from Nana. All in all - a good day!