Saturday, April 12, 2008

Down on the Farm

We had a special after school trip to the farm on Friday. Well, we went to the Biltmore Estate Farm. I know, it's not much like a real farm...but they have ice cream. I think the kids had a great time - I know I did!

First, we checked out the animals in the barnyard...

Drew and Carleigh with Bert and Ernie (the huge horses)

A cute calf that found the shade (smart cow)

Posing with a sheep

Then, we played some games on the lawn and crawled on the "vintage" tractors...

How cute!

Please let me out to play!

Lawn bowling

Carleigh teaching Davis the bean bag toss game - he escaped his stroller!

Having fun with the animals.

We had some ice cream (of course)...

Yummy strawberry!

Last, we churned some butter...

Ladylike churning...

...Not so ladylike churning!

It turned out to be such a beautiful spring day and I was so glad to be outside! I immediately started begging for a back yard! Oh well, I guess we can always go over to the Vanderbilts' house (we're really close) if we want to spend some time outside!

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Brooke said...

that looks like SO much fun!